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The whole of our records production will be made available, next mounths, on the major distribution sites in MP3 and Real-Audio with audio playback, as well as distributed in a few mega-stores for mail-order selling. Upon request we are also available to sell the requested items directly to the customers. In this case please send your request by E-mail. As soon as possible we will send the answer with all characteristcs of spedition and payment.
Purchase Terms Privacy: Art. 10, Italian law n. 675/96 dated 31.12.1996.
The customer, by sending his personal data by fax or e.mail, allows the treatment of above-said data by DIAPASON Sas: the data will be used only by DIAPASON Sas for commercial purposes as fas as invoicing and accounting are concerned.
How to place an order: Send an e.mail message filling the right form or copy it and send it by fax together with your name and full address, phone and fax numbers, taxpayer's code, VAT registration number (for the companies) and a clear description of the requested items (indicating the item number and the quantity). The way of payment and shipment are also to be specified. In case of a prepayment by bank transfer, the item will be shipped only after the payment is received.
A fax-copy of the money-transfer from your bank can be accepted for a faster despatch. Orders for an amount less than Itl. 50,000, shipment charges excepted, are not accepted. The formal invoice will be joined to the ordered item.

The ordered products will be despatched to the customers through a carrier (forwarder) or by post parcel. The way of despatch will be agreed upon with the customer depending on the delivery time.
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